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    Packed with Vitamin C up to 70 times more than an orange, Acerola packs you an energy punch,  fighting off infections and taking your immune system to another level!
    Acerola not only is high on Vitamin C but also have Vitamin A ad B as well as many important mineral for your blood and bones such Iron , phosphorous and Calcium.
    Consuming acerola on a regular basis can :. 
  •  Promotes Weight Loss:  low calorie fruit and highly rich in dietary fiber
  • Anti-Aging Benefits: can slow down the aging process and fight with free radicals in our body and stabilize them, thus prevent in macular degeneration process. It  also stimulates collagen production in our body which helps in improving skin elasticity and suppleness
  • Boosts Eye health: rich in carotenoids and Lutein which are very useful for eye health.
  • Improves Digestion due to the high presence of fiber 
  • Good for the heart : high in potassium which help with the increasing of blood flow reducing the blood pressure 
  • boost Immune system : Vit A and C promotes the formation of white blood cells
  • Good for diabetes: polyphenols present in Acerola helps to reduce the glucose flow
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Acerola is a small red fruit similar to a cherry characterized by a smooth but acid taste, its a tropical fruit that wont support cold climates, Brazils sub tropical and tropical climate makes it ideal for its growth.Due to its delicate conservation and tropical nature its very hard too consume fresh Acerola as a fruit. 

Lucky for us our Fresh Acerola is harvested and slowly dried at low temperature then freeze-dried to assure our Acerola Jungle powder maintains 100% of its nutritious value.

Our Organic Acerola has so many beneficial virtues for ones health that we could call it a therapeutic food more than just a yummy fruit. Acerola is widely used in traditional medicine not only for easy recovery of asthenia or loss of body strength and energy but its also used for the treatment of diarrhea and liver illnesses.Organic Acerola is the fruit with most Vitamin C on the planet just so you get an idea oranges contain in between 500 to 4000ppm (parts per million) of Vitamin C, mean while Our Organic Jungle Acerola powder contains in between 16000 and 172000 ppm! Yes its crazy! The range is massive and can vary depending on fruit quality, it's origin and the cherry colour when it's picked.We are happy to say our Acerola ranges on the top end and provides a whopping 10g per 100g of Vitamin C.

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The detoxifying power of Acerola powder will clean our organism and is recommended for anyone trying to give up smoking or drinking because its powers are not just limited to Vitamin C. Acerola has a high quantity of phosphorus, calcium and B grouped Vitamins and also antioxidants like flavonoids and anthocyanin which give organic Acerola the power to stop the destruction of cell membranes.Our Organic Acerola powder is a very powerful tonic for cases of physical stress, fatigue, body weakness, anorexia and is also great against anxiety or depression amongst other things.


  • Very high in vitamin C, which is generally believed to help protect against colds and flu's. 
  • Could be help full in fighting infections 
  • Can help build a strong immune system 
  • Can help rejuvenate process body tissue 
  • Could be effective in preventing cell mutation 
  • Can help fight chronic fatigue
  • High in antioxidants, which are known to help protect against free radicals 
  • Studies have shown that Acerola may help to promote production of anti-stress hormones 
  • Could be effective in preventing over all dental health and hair loss prevention.
  • Can help to protect our skin against premature ageing• Could assist in healing of wounds and burns 
  • Known to promote good eye health 
  • Can help regulate blood pressure 
  • Could be effective in normalizing cholesterol levels 
  • Is known to be used and helpful in balancing mood 
  • Could be very beneficial in helping correct function of the heart 
  • There have been studies that show Acerola powder may have anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Is known to increase Iron absorption in the body

Studies have shown that Vitamin C helps fight infections and build a strong immune system can help fight allergies and promote a healthy liver a daily dose of Vitamin C can also keep our bones, teeth and skin in a very healthy state. Because of the high level of Vitamin C found in Acerola this Superfood is one of the major stars being used in a great variety of today's anti ageing products.

Our Organic Acerola is packed with goodies rich in Antioxidants like carotene, bioflavonoids and polyphenols, full of micro nutrients like magnesium, Vitamin B1, B2, calcium, Iron or potassium giving great beneficial effects on the human body such as an anti inflammatory, or the ability to protect and promote eye health including defense against cataracts or age related macular degeneration and improving night vision.

Mixing Organic Acerola Powder in your daily diet can be super beneficial for your health it can prevent the flu and common colds and also has healing properties if we have all ready been infected with theses common viruses, Acerola activates the natural antibodies in our organism creating a great defense against germs and viruses.

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When you purchase our Organic Freeze Dried Acerola cherry powder you can feel safe about knowing what you are feeding to your body from a good source.  


Well most if not all products harvested in today's world are full of pesticide, pollution and heavy metals, like all of our product range we have gone to great lengths to find the best top quality product from around the world with out cutting costs. Our Organic Acerola is grown far from any contamination and in an Organic friendly environment where no pesticides or nasty products are used to cultivate the crops, our Tropical Acerola fruit slowly dried at low temperatures then freeze-dried to assure our Acerola Jungle powder maintains 100% of its nutritious value and 0 contamination all of our providers and farmers love what they do and follow a 100% natural harvesting philosophy.

Like all Superfoods if its the first time you add Jungle Acerola powder to your diet start with half a teaspoon and see how your body reacts and feels than increment dose of up to 1.5 teaspoon daily, we are all different and have higher or lower tolerance to certain foods so listen to your body and how you feel.
If stored and taken care of correctly our Organic Jungle Acerola powder benefits and nutritious value will have a shelf life of up to 1 year.To maintain its freshness all ways reseal after use empty any air left in bag before resealing, Store in room temperature or below keep away from heat. 

We use and recommend keeping our Acerola powder in our jungle bags they come in for the simple reason that they have a thin metal lining the helps protect our products from moisture, oxygen, bad odors, bacteria, exterior flavours, keeps there freshness helping prolong there shelf life. 

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Acerola can be used to prepare a healthy breakfast full of energy great for kids and adults or appropriate for anyone going through a period of convalescence.
For this Bowl you will need these few ingredients: 
1 natural yoghurt 
1 teaspoon of honey 
6 strawberries 
3 teaspoons of oats 
2 wall nuts 
2 teaspoons of Acerola powder
PROCESS: Simple and easy
Mix the honey Acerola powder and yoghurt until it has a even texture 
Ad the oats, sliced strawberries (any fruit preferred can be used such as grapes or bananas) and chopped wall nuts. 
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