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    Studies have shown that drinking Organic Pomegranate juice can elevate the oxygen levels that flow to our heart, reduce the inflammation of arthritis detaining the enzymes that decompose the cartilage and studies have also revealed that drinking pomegranate juice over time can help combat dysfunctional erections. Yes all the men and women out there you read right!!


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 Have you ever tried the delicious seeds of a Pomegranate? Or drank its refreshing juice?This fruit has legendary powers that go back centuries.The Persians believe that Eve really ate a Pomegranate instead of an apple as the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden. The ancient Egyptians would bury there dead with Pomegranate because they believed that was the path to obtain eternal life.

This singular fruits good deeds also appear in ancient mythology traditions, that is why the Greeks open a pomegranate at there weddings or the Chinese eat the seeds for good luck.

Organic Pomegranate is filled with beneficial properties

That will do a world of good to anyone that ads it to there daily diet, in recent times the scientific studies have discovered the truth behind the ancient myths surrounding this exotic fruit and its held its place in all these stories over hundreds of years.

Help combat dysfunctional erections!Studies have also shown that drinking Organic Pomegrante juice can elevate the oxygen levels that flow to our heart, reduce the inflammation of arthritis detaining the enzymes the decompose the cartilage and studies have also revealed that drinking our jungle pomegranate juice over time can help combat dysfunctional erections. Yes all the men and women out there you heard right!!

Acai Smoothie


  • Is known to slow down premature ageing 
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular system 
  • Contains ellagic acid 
  • Protect our cells from damage 
  • Very broad variety of vitamins and minerals 
  • Very rich in antioxidants 
  • Studies have shown helps in fighting free radicals 
  • Prevents dental plaque 
  • Helps regulate blood pressure 
  • Can help prevent hardening of the arteries 
  • Can help lower bad cholesterol levels 
  • Can have anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Can be effective in fighting varies types of cancer 
  • Can help with blood flow to our heart


    Its pretty much known to everyone theses days that having a diet full of fruit and vegetables helps keep our skins HEALTH FROM DETERIORATING and drying up ,One of the most important and effective fruits you can include is Organic Pomegrante our jungle juice powder gives you all the benefits in a simple formula just by adding water to our powder or favourite drinks our skin will benefit greatly especially in harsh environments like Australia, with its power full sun rays our skin looses all is life and elasticity Jungle pomegranate juice will keep those sun wrinkles at bay.

    Scientists studying its amazing benefits for our health have come up with some incredible discoveries.First of all Organic Pomegrante is full of antioxidants these are the vitamins and enzymes known to protect our bodies against numerous illnesses…including arteriosclerosis the vitamins and enzymes maintain the lipoprotein (LDL) at low density and prevent arteriosclerosis or our arterial walls hardening or loosing there flexibility.The antioxidants found in our Organic pomegranate juice powder also reduce the effect of free radicals in our cells caused by oxidation, the free radicals are produced by internal and external factors to our body such as sun exposure or solar radiation.Just because we cant assure that free radicals or oxidation wont effect our bodies with our daily routines, WHAT we can DO is consume foods that will neutralize the harmful effects on our health, Jungle Pomegranate juice is just that.

    Help protect against Skin Cancer

    The Sun can cause very adverse health benefits to our skin via its harmful UVB radiation, such as photo ageing or skin cancer. The use of natural antioxidants as protection against the suns UVB rays is receiving more attention every day. Organic pomegranate contains tannins that posses strong anti oxidising and anti tumor properties. Farrukh Afaq published a study in Junes 2009 edition of Experimental Dermatology where he and his colleagues discussed the effect of pomegranate juice and oils on UVB radiation, the results proved to be quite outstanding showing that the pomegranates antioxidant qualities indeed help protect against the suns harmful UVb rays.


    Why choose Organic Pomegranate over non organic?Well most if not all products harvested in today's world are full of pesticide, pollution and heavy metals, our Natural Organic Pomegranate is grown far from any contamination and in an Organic friendly environment where no pesticides or nasty products are used to cultivate the crops, our fruit are picked and spray dried to maintain there natural nutrition value.

    When you purchase our Organic Pomegranate juice powder you can feel safe about knowing what you are feeding to your body is from a good source.

    1 to 4 teaspoons daily
    Every one of us has a different body structure, weight and a varied metabolism. Which goes without saying that that the recommended dosage is not the same for all. Some might need less and some might need more, just like every other food item out there. We recommend that you start with 1 to 2 teaspoons daily. If you later desire, you can either increase your intake gradually or reduce it as it may suit you.

    If stored and taken care of correctly our Pomegranate powder benefits and nutritious value will have a shelf life of up to over a year. To maintain there freshness all ways reseal after use empty any air left in bag before resealing, Store in room temperature or below keep away from heat

    We use and recommend keeping our Organic Pomegrante juice powder in our jungle bags for the simple reason that they have a thin metal lining the helps protect our products from moisture, oxygen bad odors, bacteria exterior flavours, keeps there freshness helping prolong there shelf life.

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