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    Our Maca is grown 4000m above sea level in the Peruvian Andes where it has been cultivated by local farmers for hundreds of years.

    Maca is the most natural way to increase libido in men and regulate hormones in women.


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There is no doubt about that the herbs, plants and foods used in the ancient and medieval ages of mankind existence formed the base of many of our present day treatments. One of such herb is the Maca powder, a finicky root that belongs to the radish family. Grown in the mountains of cold and arid climate of Peru’s high mountain plateaus, this root has a rich historical significance in the Peruvian culture and its usage dates back to over 2000 years

Historians believe that ancient Incan warriors used to consume Maca as a tradition just before the battle, as it helped them gain superior endurance and strength. The Peruvian tradition also believed that it addressed fertility issues and was used as a substance consumed to increase sexual desires.The historical benefits of Maca were so sought-after and well-known, that soon the word got spread. Interestingly, due to its popularity the root gained acceptance as a form of currency by the Spanish during the colonization of the Inca Empire. With such a rich historical background, it cannot be ignored that Maca’s benefits have been valued for long, and has recently gained popularity as a supplement and food ingredient across the globe. 

Our Organic Maca powder is a natural source of many nutrients, including fatty acids and amino acids. It is loaded with nutrition such as vitamins including B1, B2, B, C, D, E, minerals, plant sterols, iron, along with miners like potassium, copper, magnesium, zinc, etc making it a SUPER FOOD. Furthermore, it's a fiber-rich food and contains about ten percent of the plant protein proving to be a good source of nutritional intake.

The unique composition of maca root makes it a powerful stress relieving and immune system boosting agent. All of the above discussed facts about the powder establish a clear understanding that our Maca powder is definitely a great resource of nourishment.

Since our Organic Maca powder is highly rich in nutritional values, it can enhance your overall health.

The presence of iron helps to restore red blood cells especially for those suffering from anemia and cardiovascular diseases. The calcium content in Maca helps in keeping your bones and teeth healthy. It also strengthens your immunity system allowing your wounds to heal quickly and reducing your chances of falling sick. It is also a preferred product for those aiming to increase muscle mass when used in conjunction with a good workout regime.  

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Here are some traditionally followed and modernly accepted benefits of this super food.

  • Is known to help increase libido 
  • Has been used for centuries helping stimulate fertility in men and woman 
  • Packed phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids 
  • Can regulate blood sugar 
  • Can help strengthen the immune system 
  • Can promote overall well-being 
  • Is known to increase energy, stamina, and endurance 
  • Can increase mental clarity 
  • Can increase bone strength 
  • Can reduce inflammation 
  • Can help support adrenal function 
  • Studies show its effective in regulating the endocrine system 
  • Can be effective in balancing hormones 
  • Haas compounds that may have anti-aging effects 
  • May increase oxygen in the blood 
  • Can reduce chronic fatigue

  • The use of our Jungle Maca to boost sexual health and function is since historical times.

    The usage is not a discovery of the modern science. However, it is now widely used and accepted to promote sexual function in both men and women. It serves as a boost to and increases endurance. At the same time it helps to balance the hormones and increases fertility.Menstrual issues and menopause is a natural occurrence hat causes mood swings in women. Maca powder helps by naturally stimulating hormone levels that are too low, thus having a positive effect on the mood and behavior. During the menstrual cycle, the intake of the powder helps relieve cramps and body pain.  For pregnant and lactating women it is advised that the intake of maca products is avoided. 

     Not only in women, but also in men, Maca powder generally helps to overcome anxiety, stress, depression or mood swings..Our Organic Maca powder provides plenty of vitamins and minerals through its consumption in your daily diet. The high fiber content present in our Organic Maca powder helps maintain a healthy digestive system and furthermore stabilizes blood sugar levels.

    Increase in energy and stamina

    Within days of using Maca you will experience an increase in your energy levels. Also known for increasing stamina, it is used by many athletes during their peak performance. If you experience regular or quick fatigue in your daily routine, then you must experiment with a small amount of organic Maca powder intake which could prove to be your energy booster.Organic Maca powder also helps your skin withstand damage from extreme temperatures during peak seasons of summers and winters. Thus, decreased sensitivity is an added benefit for your skin due to Maca consumption. Many consumers take Organic Maca powder for skin issues, as for some people it acts beneficial to clear acne and blemishes.In both women and men Maca powder generally helps to overcome anxiety, stress, depression or mood swings.

    Customers have also reported that the intake of Organic maca powder helps to increase mental energy and focus.

    Why choose Our Organic Maca Powder over non organic? 

    It is important to understand that our Organic Maca powder alone can add a powerful dose of calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium and seven essential amino acids in to your diet. As a consumer you must know whether you are buying Organic Maca Powder or not. Maca Powder is most commonly available in the form of powder like substance. There are currently many players in the market that produce health supplements and use Maca powder as ingredients, But a pure or good quality Organic Maca powder is always grown at high elevated areas where as inferior Maca powder is grown at lower elevations and processed at higher temperatures thus reducing the desired effect of the product, OUR ORGANIC MACA POWDER IS GROWEN AT HIGHEST ALTITUDE FAR ABOVE 4000M SEA LEVEL ON THE PERUVIAN SIDE OF THE ANDES where the natives have been growing for centuries certified and Fair trade.

    When you purchase our Organic Maca powder you can feel safe about knowing what you are feeding to your body from a good source.

    1 teaspoons daily (aprox 5g)
    We recommend that you start with 1 teaspoon (aprox 5g) daily. If you later desire, you can either increase your intake gradually or reduce it as it may suit you.Every one of us has a different body structure, weight and a varied metabolism. Which goes without saying that that the recommended dosage is not the same for all. Some might need less and some might need more, just like every other food item out there.

    If stored and taken care of correctly our Organic Jungle Maca Powder benefits and nutritious value will have a shelf life of up to 2 years.To maintain its freshness all ways reseal after use empty any air left in bag before resealing, Store in room temperature or below keep away from heat

    We use and recommend keeping our Organic Maca Powder in our jungle bags for the simple reason that they have a thin metal lining the helps protect our products from moisture, oxygen, bad odors, bacteria, exterior flavours, keeps there freshness helping prolong there shelf life.

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    Maca is very versatile when it come to mixing, add it to your favourite smoothies, sprinkle on your breakfast cereals, we like to mix with our Organic Cacao and cinnamon making a nice hot chocolate drink.
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