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About Jungle Nutrition

Here at Jungle Nutrition we believe in the old saying “You are what you eat". 

Being involved myself in sport and food, both for pleasure and work, most of my life, I started my first diet for a fitness competition in 1996. So you could say, since then, I have always been aware of healthy nutrition.Lots of dieting methods have changed over the years, but what has stayed the same is the basics of all healthy eating, consuming nutritious meals, and wholesome foods is the basis to a healthier mind, body and soul. 

Like a lot of people in the past few years, I was also slowly introduced to Super foods and Super fruits, apart from my daily protein shakes and supplements that I have been taking for the past 20 odd years! I started consuming these Super Power House Nutrients !! But it wasn’t until the last 3 to 4 years that I really started to inform myself about just how beneficial these foods are and how amazing feeding antioxidants into our bodies system really is. 

I realized that the supplements and proteins created in labs with 50 different products and numbers on their ingredients list were not only not beneficial for me but most likely causing me harm. Sure, with a bit of exercise and training I was looking great on the outside but it’s my inside that needed to also be in good shape to keep me going strong for many years.So along with my Superfood smoothies and shakes I started opting for natural proteins and supplements on the market with no additives, fillers or added sugars etc and hey guess what?They work!They do the same job as the ones full of crap!! 

However the problem I ran into is there isn’t much to choose from and what’s available is pretty expensive, and although true organic Superfoods can be high in price due to their hands on organic cultivation, a lot of websites and big companies are taking advantage that they’re the only suppliers in Australia so they can jack up the prices, both on Organic Superfoods and Natural sports supplements. 

I created Jungle Nutrition with the Getting Back to Basics concept in mind, making it easy for us to consume nutritious foods in a simple shake or smoothie at any time fitting into our busy daily schedules at a great price.I personally travelled to parts of Australia, South America and various other countries to meet the local farmers from where we import our Super foods. I think we have achieved in finding the best quality organic Super foods and fruits from in Australia and over the globe.Our dairy protein is only sourced from Australia and New Zealand being the 2 top countries in the world with best quality protein on the market from grass fed cows with no anabolic help. We only mix 100% Organic, 100% Natural flavours and sweetners in our Protein, nothing else. 

No soy lecithin, bonding agents etc.. and our Sports supplements are all plant based.There is nothing added giving us 100% of Super foods and Proteins nutritious values.What we believe is there’s nothing better than consuming ingredients that are straight from Mother Nature and you really do reap the benefits when you consume our Jungle powders that are pure and organic from our earth.

Edward Lopez - Founder

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